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Amanda Graczyk

Forest Ridge School District 142
Instructional Technology Specialist
Oak Forest, Illinois
I am an Instructional Technology Specialist for Kerkstra Elementary School in Oak Forest, Illinois. I plan and co-teach technology lessons to students in grades 1 through 5 with teachers in all subject areas.

I was recently named as a 2019 Apple Distinguished Educator. I'm in constant pursuit of excellence with my peers as authors, advisors, ambassadors, and advocates. I am also an Apple Education Trainer.

Our district put an iPad in the hands of every child. This transformed my teaching and allowed for the creative use on the iPad, with many different Apple applications as well as a myriad of other apps. Throughout our school, this caused a pedagogical shift whereas students have been more collaborative and creative.
In many of these activities, students are encouraged to share their knowledge with peers in a collaborative way, create their own, and analyze through an explanation by recording audio to train and teach other students.

I offer professional development to our staff members to help them become confident and empower them to use iPad across all discipline levels in their classrooms. Their newly acquired skills allow for educators in our school and district to showcase their students’ talents and abilities.

I’m continuously sharing and interacting with other educators and technology specialists within our Professional Learning Community through social media - specifically Twitter, as a repository where I share technology lessons, and templates within iCloud. This has broadened my scope of lesson creation and my leadership capabilities. Recently, the collaborative efforts of other educators and ADE’s across a global platform helped inspire me to use Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in our classrooms.

The exchange of such ideas gives others in the global community the empowerment to build up their technology competencies with their students.

I am constantly reaching out to other educators across a global platform; this has also helped me explore other ways iPad could transform the endless possibilities of lessons.

The collaborative efforts of other ADE's have helped inspire me to use Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in education. In doing so, students have created their spelling words, placed them around the room, and used them in unique sentences using the AR/VR experience.

These AR/VR applications allow for students to have a choice and voice in their work and given them the tools to become prepared for authentic work and pride of ownership.

My Co-Presenters Sessions

Wednesday, February 26

10:00am CST